Greetings and welcome, prospective member!

Perhaps we may join you on your adventures in Middle Earth.

Covenant of Blades has existed since 2011 as a small, casual kinship on the Landroval server. It was home to a handful of members who had fled from failed kinships on a variety of LOTRO servers. Just recently, a new interest in Middle Earth has sparked greater activity and a new commitment.

The kinship is now under new management, and we invite all players of any skill level to join our ranks. We value mature yet light-hearted gameplay, and a love for the works that inspired the game's developers.
Come on in and see if you belong!


Peril Awaits!

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. But don't forget the cookies.

We love the vast and varied landscape of Middle Earth, especially as envisioned by Standing Stone Games in Lord of the Rings Online. Over the years we have discovered many strange and wonderful things, but we always seem to find more.

If you are interested in joining our ranks, complete a short survey and share a bit about yourself.


Fun is best when shared.

We like parties, even when they are long and expected.

Online games are meant to be played with other people, and LOTRO is no exception. The trick is to find the right crowd and see if they like to do the same things that you do. We use a free app, Discord, to stay connected.

If you would like to get a better idea of who we are, check out our Discord server.


We offer unique benefits to members

The list of perks below are just a few things we do for each other.

Free Consumables

Full members get access to the kin house chest, which is stuffed full of free goodies.

Crafting Neighborhood

Like to craft? Our neighborhood is full service for our crafters with stations and a supplier.

Customized Gear

If you need gear, then we have you covered. Plus, great kin auctions on the AH!

LP Farming

Want some help earning LOTRO Points for an expansion or a new mount? We got you covered.

Scheduled Training

You might be good, but we can make you better. Deeds, Conjunctions, and Epic Battles, oh my!

Tortoised Instances

We love the challenge of the older content, so we do it on-level. Join us!